Supreme Selective Naturals Forest Sticks 2.1 oz – Pack of 3


3 2.8-ounce bags Forest Sticks guinea pig treats

Delicious, crunchy treats made with Timothy hay, blackberry and chamomile

Recommended by veterinarians for rabbits, chinchillas and degus as well as guinea pigs

Linseen supports your guinea pig’s skin and coat, while long fiber supports dental and digestive health

Made in our bakery Suffolk, England


Now treating small pets can be healthy as well as delicious too, with Selective Naturals. These Forest Sticks with Blackberry and Chamomile are tasty baked guinea pig treats made fresh from our bakery in the heart of Suffolk and are high in fiber with no added sugar – ideal for small pet herbivores. Guinea pigs love the natural taste of blackberry, chamomile, and Timothy hay. They’re perfect for hand feeding, interacting and bonding. Linseed is a natural source of Omega 3 and 6 to support your guinea pig’s healthy skin and glossy coat. Long fiber helps support your rabbit’s dental and digestive wellbeing. These treats are recommended by veterinarians and are also suitable for rabbits, chinchillas and degus.


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