Poly Filter Poly-Bio-Marine for Fish Aquarium – Works for Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Tanks – Filter Aquarium Media Pads – 3-Pack of 4in x 8in Pads


About this item Quality Aquarium Filter Pads – Great for most aquarium and fish tank filter. The poly filter pads help keep the marine environment clean and balanced for both fresh water and salt water tanks. Color Changing Technology – The poly filter pad changes color as it begins to catch pollutants, indicating what is in the water and when the reef tank filter pads needs to be replaced. Cleaner Water for Longer – Since the Poly Filter removes both chemical toxins and organic waste, the water stays clear without needing changed as often. Using poly bio filter pads help keep your tank pristine. Fits Most Aquarium Filters – Fits most aquarium filter styles including conventional power fish tank filters, plastic under gravel filters, and canister-type power filters which increase the cleaning power of the system you already have. Unique Chemical Filtration – Made from a patented material that filters excess pollutants while leaving trace elements necessary for the survival of your tank. Poly Filter pads help remove excess medication after treatments have taken effect.



When it comes to keeping fish tanks clean, we all want to improve the overall health of our tanks and fish but don’t want it to be as time consuming. That’s where Poly Bio Marine Poly Filter Pads come in! These aquarium filter pads have a unique chemical filtration composition that offers advantages for the beginner fish owner as well as the most experienced aquarist. Our filter pads for aquariums work for fresh water and saltwater tanks. Not only do they work for both environments, the poly bio filter pads can fit in some of the most common aquarium filters making it easy to keep a clean tank for almost any tank. Keep your tank cleaner for longer with these easy-to-use filter pads for fish tanks. Our patented materials filter excess pollutants but keeps all the good stuff going through your tank so your fish get what they need and not the bad stuff! These pads change colors depending on what toxins are discovered in the tank. The color guide goes as follows: red = aluminum, orange = iron, yellowish green = ammonia, light green = free copper, blue = copper salt, and brown/black = harmful organic materials. By understanding more about your reef tank, you can manage the levels better and keep your tank cleaner, longer! Once your tank is a poly filter aquarium – you will never go back!


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