PETLY(Automatic Pet Feeder)


About this item

Easy to operate – Just turn and press the dial.

Adjustable settings for 1 to 4 daily feedings.

Japanese-made quality. Limited production.

Holds approximately 1 kg of dry pet food.

Can be set in 5-gram increments to provide for feedings up to 50 grams.

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Product description

red dot design award : Product design 2016 PETLY is a household appliance that automatically provides dry food feedings to cats and small dogs at set times. Feeding pets in set amounts at set times is also effective at preventing obesity and maintaining the health of your pets. Made in Japan. “Super Easy Use” The timer and feeding settings requires zero effort, and can be done by just the turn and press of a dial. “Convenient for moving and carrying around” Its portability makes it effortless to carry it around, with the handle that fits your hand perfectly. “It is battery operated–no worries even in the event of power outage” A power cord is not required; therefore you won’t have to worry about pets biting cords, and you can place the feeder anywhere you want. “Fits your interior” A simple and minimal design that will blend in with any home interior design “Maximum 1000g dry food stocker” You can store 1kg of dry food just as it is. The feeder is designed to prevent the escape of smells too. “Set up to 1~4 feedings per day” You can control the total amount of feeds per day, which is convenient for pet obesity prevention. The amount of food distributed is set in 5g units, so you can set the appropriate amount without overfeeding your pet. *For general usage, the battery lasts for approx. 6 months. *Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to upgrades. *You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination.*Specifications as of April 27, 2015

Safety Warning

•This product is designed for the exclusive use of dry food. Wet foods cannot be used. •Dry food labeled as “large kibble” or dry food with chunks larger than 15mm cannot be used. •Please test the operation of the manual feeding mode before use. •Alkaline battery sold separately. •The food tray opens and closes manually. It does not open automatically. When in use, please leave the food tray open.


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