Pedigree Biscrok – Gravy Bones Biscuits Dog Treats, 10 kg



Size:5*6*8 [ Description ]   1. This anti barking device was built to offer pet owners more professional ways to train their pets.   2. It is powered by a 9-volt battery replaceable battery which you insert into the unit. With the aid of an internal microphone which picks up dog bark, Outdoor Bark Control is automatically activated when it detects barks up to 50 feet away. It then emits ultrasonic sound.   3. On hearing this high-pitched sound, the dog immediately stops barking as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. When the dog stops barking the ultrasonic sound also stops. 4. The new outdoor bark control has 4 range levels including a test mode. It has 2 LED to indicate good or bad battery.   5. The New Outdoor Bark Control comes in a beautiful, well-designed birdhouse unit.    [ Features ]


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