Natural Paw 8 Pack (36-Pound) – Strawberry


About this item

99.9% Dust Free: no tracking; keeps surfaces clean. Great for families with allergies

Clumping: fast clumping action ideal for one or multi-cat households

Natural Odor Control: keeps home smelling clean and fresh

100% Natural: safe for pregnant women; no artificial ingredients

Flushable: naturally biodegradable, compostable and able to flush in toilet


Natural Paw clumping tofu cat litter is a lightweight sustainably sourced natural litter formulated to destroy litter box odors with superior clumping and 99.9% dust-free. Simple one bag per cat per month allows for simple replenishment eliminating the need to store heavy litter bags. Now with natural ammonia blocking technology, charcoal is a natural way to eliminate odor. With many scents available including original, charcoal, green tea, peach, strawberry, milk, coffee and lavender, the subtle scent is paw activated for maximum odor control. Superior clumping quickly absorbs liquids while trapping odors on contact to form tight clumps making cleaning a breeze. 99.9% dust-free and pet-friendly soft pellets great for adult cats and kittens, this litter keeps the air and surfaces clean. To maintain your litter box, simply sign up for one 4.5 pound bag delivered each month and add more Natural Paw cat litter. – Safety Warning: or pet use only. All ingredients are natural and consumption of litter by accident is harmless. If your pet is known to consume excess amounts, kindly consult a vet immediately. – Directions: pour 3-5 inches in the litter box. The depth allows cats to dig and cover their waste naturally. Scoop out waste balls daily with a scooper and flush waste in toilet. Add as needed to maintain the litter box. Always wash hands after handling the box.


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