LitterLocker Fashion 10450 Fabric Cover Cartoon Cats


Quick, easy, clean and odourless

Saves the daily way to the wheelie bin

Choice of 5 attractive designs


Product Description

The LitterLocker Fashion is a bucket in which you can collect the dirty litter quite conveniently, absolutely hygienic and completely odourless before you dispose of it. The LitterLocker Fashion integrated cassette contains a multi-layer, airtight foil tube that thoroughly includes not only odours, but also bacteria and germs. The LitterLocker Fashion capacity lasts up to two weeks with a cat. This eliminates the annoying daily removal of the cat waste bags to the rubbish bin. A film cassette is sufficient for approx. two months. The new LitterLocker Fashion is not only a means for the purpose, but a stylish must-have for anyone who, in addition to functionality, do not want to give up a beautiful look. With different washable fabric covers, the functional waste disposal bin can be designed to match the interior. The fabric cover sold separately is available in 5 attractive designs.

Set Contains:

1 fabric cover cartoon cats


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