KONA’S CHIPS 2 Pack Bits-O- Chips 8 OZ; Small Dog Treats


About this item

THE SMALL DOG’S FAVORITE dog treats for small dogs.

SMALLER PIECES OF OUR REGULAR CHICKEN JERKY healthy dog treats for small dogs.

GREAT FOR TRAINING TREATS just the right size to use for training.

100% USDA CHICKEN BREAST PIECES made in the USA only


The Small Dog’s Favorite! Bits O’ Chips Chicken Jerky Dog Treats These chips start with the same great 100% USDA chicken, but didn’t make it to the big time, but great for the little guys. Packed full of fun and flavor, these bite-sized pieces are perfect for puppies, smaller breeds, training routines, or for that “fowl” dog who always comes beggin’. Add to your order of regular Kona’s Chips for a barkin’ bonus. Perfectly sized at two eight ounce bags your dog will yap for, and come back for more. All natural and healthy chicken jerky strips for dogs made from 100% USDA chicken breast. Let your dogs know that they are loved!


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