Josh’s Frogs Tree Fern Fiber Substrate (10 quarts)


LONG LASTING natural material that decays slowly, even in humid environments, making your substrate last longer

CUSTOM SUBSTRATE MIXES for both plants and animals, or both in a bioactive vivarium

MICROFAUNA HAVEN for a bioactive substrate mix, allowing them to thrive and reproduce

ALLOWS for AIRFLOW and DRAINAGE so the soil doesn’t compact; great for orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytes

MORE UNIQUE SUBSTRATES from Josh’s Frogs! We also offer Dig-It, ABG Mix, Coco Cradle, BioBedding, incubation media, feeder insect beddings, various shredded barks like Aspen, Cypress, Pine, and more!


Tree Fern Fiber is a versatile, natural material resembling tiny little twigs. It is widely used with reptiles and amphibians, as well as horticulturally with live plants! It decays very slowly, even in high humidity environments, making tree fern the ideal substance for long term use. Horticultural Use: Tree Fern can be mixed with soils to allow better airflow to root systems. It can also be used as a substrate for orchids, bromeliads, and other epiphytic plants. Reptile & Amphibian Use: Tree Fern can be added to substrates to provide structure to the soil. It allows for good drainage without the soil packing down. That structure also creates the perfect home for beneficial insects, such as springtails and isopods. If you’re looking for rigid tree fern panels for use on backgrounds or mounts, shop our selection of Tree Fern Panels now…


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