Frisco 33.5-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post,Color: Gray


  • From Frisco by Chewy. This scratching post tower gives kitties of all ages and sizes an appropriate place to scratch, which satisfies their natural instincts and helps keep their nails healthy.
  • The double-layer baseboard gives extra stability as your kitty exercises their nails and scratches away at the post.
  • This 33.5-inch vertical tower is the ideal height for stretching and provides a perch that’s high off the ground so they can keep an eye on their territory.
  • Dual textured with a 360-degree sisal covering around the post and comfy, soft plush material on the base and perch. Helps to keep cats from scratching the furniture, plus it’s easy to assemble with an instruction booklet and all the tools you’ll need.
  • Frisco products are crafted to deliver more happy moments together—from satisfying scratching posts to cozy beds, to stimulating toys. Designed, tested and approved by the pet experts at Chewy.


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