DermaZoo GlycoZoo Shampoo (8 oz)


Maintains healthy skin and coat

Comes in 8 oz or gallon container


DermaZoo GlycoZoo Shampoo is a grooming solution that also works to keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy. This shampoo uses ceramides, glycolic acid and boric acid to keep your pet’s skin moist and treat seborrhea complex and a variety of other conditions that cause dry or damaged skin. This solution is also pH balanced to ensure that it does not cause your pet discomfort and that it’s safe for you and your pet. DermaZoo GlycoZoo Shampoo is perfect for maintaining both skin and coat. This bottle comes with eight ounces of shampoo, but there is also a one gallon container available. This shampoo will keep your dog clean and his skin and coat healthy, so order today!


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