Cystaid Plus for cats pack 30 sprinkle capsules


Cystaid Plus for cats

Cystaid Plus from Vet Plus

Cystaid Plus has been improved and now helps reduce stress levels.

Management of feline lower urinary tract disorders (FLUTD) in cats

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Cystaid Plus feline for urinary or bladder discomfort such as cystitis in dogs and cats.
Cats – Supplementation with CYSTAID Plus helps:
1) Replace and maintain a healthy GAG bladder mucosal mucin layer
2) Stimulates increased GAG production by mucosal cells
3) Decreases bladder wall permeability thus reducing bladder wall inflammation.
4) Now contacins Quercetin and L-Theanine which is known for its calming properties and helps reduce stress behaviour in cats.
Dietary change: In addition to using CYSTAID, benefits may be seen with increasing the water consumption by changing to moist diet, improving the number and site of litter trays and reducing the stress levels.
Dosage Administration for Cystaid Plus:
Cystaid Plus can be given whole or sprinkled and mixed with the food.
Initially administer 2 capsules per day (1 morning, 1 evening) for 3-4 weeks.
Then, 1 capsule to be given per day long term.


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