Canine Synacore



A healthy gut makes a happy mutt and Synacore helps with that. Synacore is a uniquely designed supplement for digestive support, containing optimal amounts of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and vitamins. All of these ingredients combine together synergistically to aid in digestion and encourage the growth of the body’s natural microflora in a pet’s GI tract for premium health. 13 highly active enzymes break down food from fats, protein, fiber and carbs to gain all nutritious benefits from their healthy diet. 4 probiotics balance the microflora in the GI tract to prepare your dog’s body to defend against digestive upsets. Microencapsulated probiotics allow passage through the stomach acid into the small intestine before releasing, which ensures the dog is getting the right amount of probiotics to protect itself. 2 prebiotics provide a food source to good bacteria, allowing it to grow and flourish. 3 essential vitamins promote skin, bone and GI health for strong bones, a healthy gut and healthy skin. What is microencapsulation? van Beek natural science’s active compound, Axaphen, is microencapsulated using the latest technology. The encapsulation seals the strong taste of Axaphen into a palatable bead that dissolves after passing the dog’s or cat’s taste buds. Microencapsulation ensures Synacore is a palatable and easy to administer formula. Synacore offers you the opportunity to provide your dog with the nutritional support is needs for good health and a long lasting life.


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