Canine Breeding Innovations Big Dog Whelping Kit 12 Beethoven Classic Model, up to 12 Puppies


Made for Large to X-Large Breed Dogs!

Longer Velcro ID bands 14″

Larger more absorbent whelping pads 30″ x 36″

Larger 11 oz Esbilac milk and larger 4 oz baby bottle

Larger mucous suction bulb 2 oz


Digital thermometer for predicting the whelp Tail wrap to protect tail from draining fluids. 5 yds. 12 extra-large 30″ x 36″ super-absorbent disposable whelping pads to absorb excess fluid as puppies are born 12 pr of disposable vinyl gloves 12 disposable receiving cloths to grip & dry each puppy as it is born. 11″ x 11″ soft & absorbent terry Larger 2 oz Aspiration bulb to suction mucous from puppy’s airways (mouth, nose, and throat) Stainless steel locking clamp for umbilical cord. Package of unwaxed dental floss to tie off umbilical cords. Blunt bandage scissors with stainless steel blades to cut umbilical cord 12 individually sealed packets of Iodine Prep Pads to put on umbilical cords after cutting. 12 longer adjustable Velcro I.D. bands (14″). Specially-formulated replacement milk by Esbilac for weak or fading puppies Large 4oz Puppy feeding bottle with nipple to supplement puppies who cannot compete for mother’s milk. Temperature plotting sheet, Birth Sheets, Weight chart for all puppies, Sheet to chart emergency information & phone numbers, Post-Whelp temperature plotting sheet, List if things to gather prior to whelp.


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