Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement – 8 Pack (30 Gallon)


About this item

Easy to dose gel ball

Live beneficial bacteria that breaks down harmful waste

Cannot be overdosed

Helps maintain clear water

Safe for all freshwater aquariums

Add one PURE per 30 gallon of tank water each week. Add two PURE per 30 gallons of tank water when starting a new aquarium


Aqueon PURE is an easy to dose nitrifying bacteria supplement to maintain a well-balanced aquarium. Nitrifying bacteria live on surfaces such as filter media, décor and gravel, converting harmful ammonia and nitrite to less toxic nitrate. By dosing weekly, the enzymes and bacteria breakdown excess waste from over feeding or detritus in the aquarium which can help reduce filter maintenance. The unique sphere design of PURE provides surfaces for the bacteria and enzymes to reside until conditions are ideal to be utilized efficiently. This “time release” style means PURE cannot be overdosed and any excess bacteria will be waiting until needed. PURE disappears to the eye when added directly to the aquarium and works most effectively when introduced to a filtered tank system. While it does not dissolve completely, the small PURE left behind will go unnoticed and be removed during water changes. Aqueon PURE is the solution for aquarists who want to bring balance to their aquarium with the convenience of simple dosing and a blend of bacteria plus enzymes that breakdown excess waste. This does not replace water changes but provides a sort of safety net should the habitat become unbalanced.


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