Animal Treasures 14854 Cat Tree Tower Scratcher, 72″


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Every feline owner knows that cats love to climb and scratch their furniture. These actions are in their nature! Animal Treasures Tower Cat Tree Scratcher provides your feline with a designated space where climbing, scratching, playing and sleeping are appropriate. The Tower Cat Tree features three pillar scratch posts that run throughout the entire tree, where felines can mark their territory by scratching, trimming and cleaning their nails. Another scratch post that arises from the base helps to support the sleeping hideout on the first level. Above the first level hideout is a ramp leading to two of the upper most pillar scratchers where you will find resting platforms with raised edges above each. On this same level, a second sleeping hideout is available with a centered pillar scratching post sitting above, leading to the top-most resting platform. These platforms allow your felines to view their domain and observe their environment like they would normally do in the wild. A furry mouse toy hangs off the bottom of each uppermost platform to keep your felines entertained when scratching or sleeping is no longer a priority. This stylish Tower has warm and woven brown toned colors that will look great in any space. Bring the Tower Cat Tree home and give your felines a space of their own, where they can do what cats do best! 24.5″ x 24″ x 72″


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